Land & Buildings Issues Letter to Shareholders of National Health Investors Announcing its Intention to Vote Against Two Directors at 2024 Annual Meeting  

  • Believes NHI is Significantly Undervalued with Opportunities to Unlock its Valuable Assets, Including Upcoming Lease Renewal with Tenant National Healthcare Corporation
  • Highlights Poor Corporate Governance and Serious Conflicts of Interest Among Board Members  
  • Expresses Serious Concerns that NHI Board Cannot Fairly Represent Both Landlord and Tenant in Lease Renegotiation Given Substantial Economic and Personal Ties to NHC
  • Discloses Likely Substantial Upside to Lease Rental Rates if Lease is Negotiated at Arms-Length
  • Believes Shareholders Need to Send a Clear Message at Upcoming Annual Meeting – Ahead of Critical Lease Renegotiations – that Maintaining the Status Quo is Not an Option

Link to press release here